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Spider-Man Vs Electro!!

With the movie Spider-Man: Far From Home opening this year, this will certainly be the year of the bubble-helmeted bad guy, Mysterio. While Mysterio has always been a personal favorite of mine, I’ve always loved this guy… Electro! And it me it’s not Electro if he’s not wearing that outrageous starfish shaped mask! This pin-up

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SANDIE Cover Art

Here is my inked cover art for an upcoming chapter of the webcomic, Sandie. Sandie is created, written and drawn by Nick Caponi. Nick will also be supplying the colors for this piece. I can’t wait to see what he does with it. This might be our very first collaboration which is really something considering

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Meet IcyKill!

Meet IcyKill! IcyKill is a character from Gisele Lagace’s upcoming super hero special, Nightgale, a one shot currently available as a stretch goal in Pixie Trix Comix’s current Kickstarter campaign. This is not a special I’ll be drawing. Regular Pixie Trix writer David Lumsdon will be writing this one and Gisele Lagace will be handling

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