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The Shield

  Here’s my latest reward sketch for the 2016 Die Kitty Die Hollywood Or Bust Kickstarter campaign. This time its a character I have a little bit of history with… Archie Comics’ the Shield. I first discovered the Shield in the early 80’s when Archie Comics was in the midst of an ambitious revitalization of

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  The 2016 Die Kitty Die Hollywood Or Bust Kickstarter Campaign rewards have begun! I have a whole new list of characters to draw for our generous backers. First up is this piece featuring DC Comic’s maid of magic, Zatanna! On Instagram, I’ve posted a picture of this one taken with my phone, but the

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Minions Of The Lost Ark!

Minions movie madness continues with Cine-minions, a whole new page here at devoted to these fun mash-ups between everybody’s favorite little yellow guys and the great flicks of movie history! I hope you’ll come back here frequently and check on my latest homages. Here we have my most recent piece, Minions Of The Lost Ark,

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Minions Jaws Parody Despicable Me 3

Minions Jaws!

  “Here’s to swimming’ with bow-legged women!” Just in time for the release of Despicable Me 3, the Minions are gonna need a bigger boat in this Minions-inspired homage to the greatest fishing movie of all time, Jaws! The Summer of Mash-ups continues! What other great franchises or characters would you like to see me combine?

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