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  This year I’ve tackled a lot of characters that have been around, but for whatever reason, I’ve never drawn them. Johnny Blaze AKA Marvel Comic’s Ghost Rider is one of those characters. As a comic book reading kid in the late 70’s, Ghost Rider was one of those books that was “there” but I

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Archie Of Darkness!

Here is a piece I’ve been working on for a while. I’ve posted this on my Facebook page a while ago while it was still in progress. I finally finished the inks on it, I’ve cleaned it up and sent it off to my usual colorist, the brilliant Anwar Hanano. I can’t wait to see

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The Shadow Knows!

  Here is a personal favorite of mine… The Shadow! Usually while I’m working, I’m listening to old radio shows from the Golden Age of Radio. Its a medium I discovered early in my career and its been a favorite ever since. Radio really is a perfect medium for an artist. You don’t have to

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