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The Avengers # 7

The Silver Age of comics had some of the best, most eye-catching, and enticing covers in all of comic book history. For a while, I’ve been enjoying revisiting some of my favorite covers and putting my own compositional spin on them.  I’ve been posting little snippets of this one on Instagram and Facebook but I’ve

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Spider-Man Blank Sketch Cover

I drew Spidey here on a Kubert School blank sketch cover.  I’ve been grabbing up a lot of these blank covers lately. They’re a great idea. The Kubert School Art Store offers these books of blank Strathmore paper. They’re blank on the inside as well as on the front cover and they’re very suitable for

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Archie Vs Predator!

I’ve said this before but without question one of the most popular projects I ever worked on was the Archie Vs Predator crossover mini-series. It’s been three years now and I still get asked about this series. Here is a private commission featuring a movie poster style composition. Poor Jughead! He never fares well in

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