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This piece is a full color private commission featuring Archie characters as they appear on the popular CW TV show, Riverdale. The original measures 10″ x 15″ and is colored exclusively with Copic markers. Riverdale, now in its second season, is unquestioningly popular and it is easily one of the things I’m asked about the

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  Meet Boilhead! This character was created by Trey Patterson, one of my students at the Kubert School, who commissioned me to draw his boil-brained beast! In other news… Today I leave for Vancouver where I’ll be attending Fan Expo Vancouver this weekend. I’ll be at Artists Alley along with Dan Parent and Gisele Lagace.

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Betty & Veronica

  This one is pretty self-explanatory. More re-stocking for the portfolio. Archie’s girls, Betty & Veronica, have always proven pretty popular. There are Betty fans and there are Veronica fans but there are LOTS of fans who want items… sketches, pages, covers… with BOTH of them.  

Supergirl & Streaky

  The rebuilding of the portfolio continues! Supergirl is always a popular piece in my portfolio and Betty as Supergirl is usually especially popular. Here I’m drawing a slightly realistically detailed Betty as the Girl of Steel. I’m not sure if she’s “Betty” enough because most people are just taking this one as a straight

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Power Girl!

  The post-NYCC rebuilding of my marker portfolio continues with this marker color sketch of DC Comics’ Power Girl. I did this one during my night class at the Kubert School. This one measures 9″ x 12″ and it was colored using a combination of copic and chartpak markers. I’m still in the process of

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Sabrina & Salem!

  This year’s NEW YORK COMIC CON was VERY busy! That HAD to have been a record crowd!   As a result my portfolio has been picked clean so I’m in the middle of drawing a few new pieces to fill it up again before my last couple of appearances for this convention season. The

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