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Here is a Josie and the Pussycats piece I pencilled and inked as a private commission. I just sent it off to the great Anwar Hanano for coloring. I’ll certainly post the finished product as soon as Anwar sends it back to me. Keep checking back here!

During my twenty-two years at Archie Comics, I can only recall very few opportunities were I got to draw Josie & The Pussycats. I think in all those years I may only have drawn about two actual Josie & The Pussycat stories. There may have been a few other appearances here and there and definitely there were a few cameos I squeezed in here and there on my own, but overall, my involvement with one of Dan DeCarlo’s greatest creations was pretty minimal. Its a mixed bag. While I like the characters and drawing them is fun… especially when they’re in costume… drawing musical instruments can be a bear! Fortunately, I’ve got my pal, Gisele Lagace, the force behind Pixie Trix Comix and a musician herself, to keep me honest and on my toes! She doesn’t let me slack off and take short cuts with my instruments! I expect she’ll put those guitars above under her microscope! I’ve already warned Anwar!

As far as the comics go, I much prefer the pre-Pussycats Josie from Dan DeCarlo’s She’s Josie series. I would love a comprehensive chronological collection of those stories.

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    • fernando

      Valerie’s tattoos are my own little addition. I figured “Why not?” Archie Comics sure has been taking more liberties with their own characters than that.

  1. Dennis

    They’re probably temporary tattoos. I remember an Archie story where Betty got a tattoo, but it turned out it was a temporary tattoo. That started a fad at RHS where all the kids started wearing temporary tattoos. Naturally Mr. Weatherbee and Ms. Grundy thought it was ridiculous, so all the teachers started getting temporary tattoos as well, and as soon as the kids saw that, it became “uncool” and that was the end of that fad. There was a Dan Parent story where Veronica got a tattoo, too. It had to do with some boy she was dating, but I don’t remember what the ending of the story was.

    I still think they should make temporary tattoos of the Archie characters, though. 🙂

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