Meet Boilhead!

This character was created by Trey Patterson, one of my students at the Kubert School, who commissioned me to draw his boil-brained beast!

In other news… Today I leave for Vancouver where I’ll be attending Fan Expo Vancouver this weekend. I’ll be at Artists Alley along with Dan Parent and Gisele Lagace. On Friday, the three of us will be participating in one of our popular sketch duels. Please check my Events page for more details on the show. This is my LAST convention of the 2017 season. If I didn’t get to see you out there this year, I hope to see you on the road next con season!

On the drawing board, I’m knee deep into the Menage A 3 Zombie Special for Gisele Lagace’s Pixie Trix Comix. The zombie special was a stretch goal in Gisele’s last Kickstarter campaign. I’m happy this one got funded. I’m having a ball drawing Gisele’s characters and of course, I love drawing the zombies! Its been great helping bring this together. I can already tell I’m going to be very happy with this book.

In recent posts, I’ve mentioned a project that I couldn’t talk about yet. I still can’t talk about it. I finished my end of it and from what I’ve seen, the thing is complete. Once it’s announced, I’ll certainly be talking about it so keep checking back here.

In other top secret news, I’ve been working on a secret project with writer Eric Esquivel. Eric is all over the place writing lots of stuff. We both worked together on the Animal Jam series for Dynamite Comics. Now we’re collaborating on another project that I hope we can speak of more freely soon.

In Die Kitty Die news, Dan and I have been shipping out the rewards for the Die Kitty Die Hollywood Or Bust 2016 Kickstarter and we still have more to go. Many of our Kitty fans have already received their packages. If you haven’t gotten yours yet don’t panic! It’s on the way! You should be receiving it soon!

Thanks, Everybody!






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