Ralph Kramden !


This caricature of Jackie Gleason in his signature role of RALPH KRAMDEN was done for Washington Press. Washington Press commissioned me to draw a number of caricatures of famous characters from 1950’s television in order to tie into a series of stamps being put out by the USPS honoring the Golden Age of Television.


2 comments on “Ralph Kramden !”

  1. daren

    Hey I remember seeing an episode of this a long time ago where he was an alien with a pot on his head, it was hilarious but I didn’t see any more because they took it off youtube. 🙁 Great drawing!

  2. fernando

    Thanks, Daren. Yes. You’re talking about the classic episode where Ralph tried dressing up as a man from Mars for a costume contest. I still catch The Honeymooners on Sunday nights on Me-TT.

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